Rev. Philip Bower


My name is Rev. Philip Bower, known in pagan circles as  Rev. Dragonbear. I have walked the path since 1989, where I studied primarily as a solitary pagan. For a short time I did Coven studies in Arlington, Texas in which I achieved the level of first degree. After this time I never returned to a coven instead I turned to the path of Inter-Faith Ministries.

In 2008 I made the decision to become an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. During my time as a minister I have come to learn a lot about not only myself but, of the people who have come to me seeking spiritual guidance, healing, and counseling.

I have also had the privilege of attending a wide range of services ranging from Catholic Mass to Native American Sweat Lodges and what I have learned is that while the "religion" is different the "spirit" is the same.

My Community involvement is practically all online where I provide guidance and support to those souls that find their way to my cyber door.

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